I was born and raised in sweet home AL. 

born and raised dancing to country music in the kitchen with my Dad. riding in my grandDad's jeep, doors off, singing loudly, "You are my sunshine." sitting in the wooden pew every sunday morning, singing softly, so that i could hear my mother's voice as she sung her heart out. Music has always been my favorite thing to share with the ones I love.

I began writing songs when I was eight. To me, songs are like letters. some written to make you laugh. others to get you through hard times, when all you need is a ray of sunshine to brighten your day. But all are written with love. Whether it be a story about me leaving home, my brother's break-up, or a night out with my girlfriends, there is always a story that needs to be told. Always a story that needs to be heard. So This is me, sharing mine with you. 










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